Cleary Terrace

Cleary Terrace, located outdoors on the roof of Weber Center for the Performing Arts, is a unique experience for any small gathering of up to 150 people. The Cleary Terrace offers a special view of the Mississippi River that serves as a backdrop for your memorable event.  Tables and chairs can be set for a sit-down dinner party, stand-up cocktail party, or placed for a live performance of a band.

Cleary Terrace

Cleary Terrace at sunset


The Cleary Terrace, accessible by elevator, was designed to provide safety and security, with special lighting that won’t ruin the evening view of the surrounding areas. There is enough power to provide for a small band with a portable sound system and arrangements can be made for theatrical lighting in support of your event.

Recognizing that weather can be a challenge, when booking Cleary Terrace, space is reserved inside the Weber Center for the Performing Arts to ensure your event stays on schedule.