Dahl Lobby

Dahl Lobby
Dahl Lobby occupied – perfect for a special experience

Weber Center for the Performing Arts lobby offers a unique panoramic view of the Mississippi River that provides a distinct experience for your special event. The two-floor lobby can accommodate up to 350 people and still provide appropriate drink service. Tables and chairs can be set for a dinner party of up to 150 people.

The first floor of the lobby includes a permanent concession stand, centralized office and a grand staircase to the second floor. The two-story tall windows offer a spectacular view of the river, year round.

The second floor of the lobby, accessible by elevator or staircase, offers room for a portable bar, a panoramic view of the river and plenty of space for small group conversations.

The lobby of the Weber Center provides a distinct space for a social gathering, or pre-or post-meeting party. The glass lobby evokes big-city experience without the big city hassles and challenges.