All are welcome at Weber Center
All are welcome at Weber Center

The Weber Center for the Performing Arts believes that theatre should be accessible to all. From the initial designs, through construction to day-to-day operations, accessibility is given full consideration.


The street in front of the Weber Center is raised so that someone can move from the parking lot to the theatre without having to go up a step or down a ramp. The restrooms are just off the front door for ease of use with fully accessible stalls and sinks. The box office is centrally located to serve both performance spaces, thus reduce excessive walking. The Lyche Theatre entrance is on the same street level which means no ramps or steps. There are four designated spaces in the center of the theatre for wheelchairs. Also, for those who can transfer, or just need extra space, there are 21 seats in the middle of the theatre to meet your needs. To get onto the stage or backstage, it is still one level, without stairs or ramps to navigate. The balcony seating also includes two spaces designed for wheelchairs with companion seating. There is an elevator which goes from the orchestra pit to the roof top terrace so that the building is completely accessible.

Hearing Assistance

Lyche Theatre and the Veterans Studio Theatre are equipped with Loop Technology which can connect directly to any hearing aid that has a T-coil switch. Should you need extra assistance or do not have a hearing aid, there are headsets available, free of charge, for you to use.

Whether you are an audience member, volunteer, performer or technician, the Weber Center for the Performing Arts was design to accommodate your needs.