Don & Roxanne Weber

Don & Roxanne WeberTheir gift of land and subsequent generous support has transformed the project from “dream to reality.” Don and Roxanne Weber are honored to be able to share their gifts with the community, including projects which reinforce the arts and humanities and provide tools for the creative and professional growth of future generations. The Weber family’s commitment to providing support for completion of this performing arts center played an integral role in making this center a reality. This building, Weber Center for the Performing Arts, is named in their honor.

The Weber family’s philanthropic endeavors are inspired by a deep-seated commitment to Servant Leadership. “I believe everything we have is a gift, and that the gifts we receive are to be used in the service of others,” explained Don Weber. “True joy comes from knowing you have made a positive difference in someone else’s life.” As such, the Weber family is recognized for their generosity, which has supported a wide variety of initiatives throughout the Coulee Region, in particular, programs benefiting Veterans’ causes, military families, education, at-risk children, and the less fortunate. The Weber family’s support of this center exemplifies more than dedication to construction of this building, it illustrates a fundamental understanding that when the arts and humanities are revered, community growth, education and prosperity take wing.

At the root of their sharing nature is a foundation in faith. “The greatest gift we have all been given is the gift of life,” explained Don Weber. “My mother once told me that life here on earth is shorter than the blink of an eye, compared with eternity. In that precious time we are given, it is our duty to accept the call to give with gratitude wherever there is need.”

Don and Roxanne, along with their children, Libby, Nick, Augie, and Maxwell are deeply humbled that their family name is affiliated with the achievement of this great dream, and they are hopeful it will inspire all who enter these doors to embrace and know the true joy of living a life of service to others.