Lyche Theatre

Lyche Theatre is a 450-seat theatre space perfect for speakers, presentations or fully realized theatrical events. As the primary performance space in the Weber Center, the Lyche Theatre meets your audience’s requirements with comfortable seats, appropriate leg room, and a clear view of the stage.  Entrances and exits are centrally located and fully accessible for all. The interior design is warm and inviting in support of the presentation.

Lyche Theatre meets the technical needs of your event, including an HD 10,000 Lumen Video Projector. A Blu-ray video player is available, as well as a laptop for most video presentations.  Appropriate attachments are also available for connecting to your personal equipment.

All sound equipment is available for rent from a single microphone to a full system to support a grand concert. Likewise, lighting can be a single light on a speaker, to a completely realized lighting spectacular.

Lyche Theatre, inside Weber Center for the Performing Arts, was designed to meet the theatrical needs of two presenting organizations producing fully realized productions year round.  It can meet your needs for a one-night event or a long run, limited only by budget and availability.